New arrival, surface mounted led downlight 10w 15w 20w 25w
Luminaire Specification
Height                                         A :150mm
Bezel                                           Ø115mm
Installation                                  surface mounted
Luminaire material                       Aluminium
IP Rating                                     IP20
LED Specification
LED                                           COB CREE
Output                                     A  /      20 W  :   1300Lm 
                                                B  /     25 W  :  1700Lm 
CRI/CCT                                Ra90 : 2700°K, 3000°K                                                           
Optics                         Narrow 15°, medium 30°, wide 45°
Drive current                            A : DC500mA, B : DC600mA,

Input voltage                      AC220~240V/50-60Hz

●Ball buckle mounting design, simple and quick installation.
• Ventilation design radiator
• Ultra low UGR,UGR<16
• Wide range of LED CCTs and reflectors
• Cree 3 step McAdam LEDs
• CRI >90 available.
• Long life  50,000 hrs based on LM-80 & TM-21 applicable test data
• Constant current driver output with flicker free
• Mains phase, 0-10V and DALI dimming options available
• 3 Year warranty

•Application: Suitable for commercial and residential applications like offices, supermarkets, schools, hotels, restaurants, homes  etc.